Be it a bride or a party look at Roshni the canvas is the starting point. We work with the client to create the perfect look that is enhancing of your feature, suitable for the event and best of all giving you the confidence to look and feel great.
Roshni’s ethos of ensuing that she giving a personal service to all her clients through her brand means her and the team pay 121 attention to all her clients.

The warm, honest and friendly set up means that clients feel comfortable to be themselves and build a strong with the brand.

Brides are sometimes overwhelmed with the options available to them and Roshni is confident, open yet creative to support the clients own vision whilst opening doors to creativity and art. Brides leave feeling confident, educated and revitalised after a trial where time and attention has been giving to create sample looks that give the bride the confidence about they will look on their big day. Roshni works closely in styling with fashion, jewellery and accessory brands to ensure that the brides look is on trend with the latest fashion statements with the beauty and fashion circuit.