ANUSHA – Civil ceremony and reception

Civil Indian and reception wedding events.
True to Anushas simple and classic style she chosen stunning pieces which are a true reflection of her personality. It was so important that I understood this about her to ensure I delivered a very classic timeless look which was reflective of her character but ensuring that there was a gradual build up of colour and drama in her 3 looks. I also did her engagement event a few months back where we kept the look soft and natural. Whilst for the civil we built on the natural growly skin with antique eyes and coral hint on the lips with the emphasis on and very structures low side bun and detail in the finger waves.gollowed by a dramatic change to the Indian where we had a play on the red lips clean eyes and texture in the hair. evening reception was yet another winner from an such in her classic gold champagne gown with bronze work. her hair was pulled to the side with textured detail and a a vintage quiff to the side. makeup was fun yet under stated with glitter dash not her lid a, irredescent gold and pink high lighter. contouring and peach lips.

Loved working with Anusha to create these looks.
Wish u an amazing married life hun, x.


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