5 beauty products I always use and love

I have been a makeup artist for many years, and during this time I have tried and tested so many products. Some have been absolutely amazing, and others – not so much. While I’ll still try the latest, most innovative beauty products as and when they come on the market, there are five items that I absolutely cannot live without. And it’s important to note, just because one brand’s foundation is like liquid gold on your skin, doesn’t mean their eyeliner will be the best you’ve ever had. So here are my top 5 beauty products I always use and love.
Smash Box Photo Finish Hydrating Primer
For a great moisture booster under your makeup, this is an absolute favourite. With a gel-like consistency that glides on effortlessly, it’s the perfect base for foundation. Whenever I use it my skin feels so much softer and hydrated thanks to a special little ingredient that’s derived from desert plants – Hydraplex.


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